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Summer break is here. Time to forget all about school and to meet up with your friends. You have known each other since you were little. Together, you have gone through thick and thin. But those days are numbered. All of you know it. Life has already begun to send you down different paths. So this could very well be the last summer you get to spend together as a group. You have to make it count. It is one last chance to enjoy each other’s company, willfully ignorant of a "grown-ups' world" lurking just around the corner. One last opportunity to set right unresolved conflicts lingering beneath the surface of friendship.

But all your plans are cancelled abruptly as the dark history of Woodlake and secrets not so well kept come to life in terrifying, unnatural ways. People whisper of monsters, cults, and possessions. Soon, you won't know whether you can still trust your eyes, your mind—or your childhood friends.

The woods are calling. Who will leave changed forever? And who gets to leave at all?

Summer in Woodlake is an investigative roleplaying game for three to five players and a Game Master and is set in our contemporary world. It is Powered by the Apocalypse, meaning its rules are based on the Apocalypse World engine by Vincent and Meguey Baker. Summer in Woodlake is best suited for a mini-campaign of three to five sessions but can also be adjusted for a longer one-shot.

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Current version: 2.2 (released October 23)

PDF, 20 pages

German version

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Tales from the Grim

Summer of Spooks


Juniper Springs (Roll to breathe)


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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