German translation and expansion

Hi, folks! Just wanted to let you know that a German translation of Summer in Woodlake will be available in time for SPIEL, so in late October (at latest). 

Also, as I have already mentioned here and there (although not here on itch specifically), an expansion for Summer in Woodlake is in the works. It will be called Winter in Woodlake or Return to Woodlake. I'm a sucker for alliterations, but the game doesn't really have to take place in winter, so I probably go for the latter. The story picks up at least ten years after the events in SiW. The players and their characters return to Woodlake once more to finally get closure - or just be traumatized some more. The expansion/supplement will consist of new playbooks (which tie into the original playbooks) and backgrounds as well as instructions for the GM. The planned release date is December 21st.

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