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Some friendships end with words thrown across the room, flung like stones, meant to hurt and sever. But most friendships end because you drift apart. Not because you want to, necessarily, but you do. More than anything, this holds true for childhood friendships. One day, you wake up and realize that you have become a different person. And so has your best friend. You look at each other, and you know: Where just a few months ago, nothing could have come between the two of you, you are now worlds apart.

Did you take the first step, or did they? Did either of you try to stop it? Would it have mattered? Life went on, swallowed you up, and sent you off in different directions. And so, time went by.

One day, just by chance, you run into each other.  It is awkward at first. But then you talk.  About the good times, about the things that were not so good, and how, eventually, you grew apart.

Once Best Friends is a melancholic slice-of-life roleplaying game for two meant to be played as a one-shot. It needs very little preparation and focuses on improvised storytelling. The PDF gives you guidance on how to run the game, memory prompts, and an empty glass jar you will fill with tokens of your shared childhood memories. Since you can work with as many memory prompts as you like, a session can last anywhere from one to three hours.

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PDF, 4 pages


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